Table of Contents

Table of Contents Power of Promotion! On-line Marketing For Toastmasters Club Growth

Section One

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Traditional Toastmasters Club Membership-Building Marketing Strategies

The New Marketing Strategies

Chapter Three: Branding

Chapter Four: Toastmasters Club Websites

Section Two: Social Media Explored

Chapter Five: Facebook



Group Page vs Fan page / Open Group vs Closed Group

How to Create and Set-up a Facebook “Fan” Page

Cover Photos (banner)

How Not to Design a Cover Photo

How to Design a Cover Photo

How to Install a Cover Photo (similar to a banner on a website)

Example of Facebook Cover Page Display Sizes:

How to Create & Upload a Profile Picture (small photo)

Profile Picture on the Timeline

Navigational Links

Second Navigational Bar

How to Promote Your Toastmaster’s Club Facebook Page

Where to get Content to Post:

Arising From Within Your Club:

From Toastmasters International:

Within Your Local Community:

From Your Own Computer & Imagination:

Additional Tips:

How to Add Graphics to Your Posts

How to Schedule Content Postings to the Timeline

How to Link Your Facebook Page and Content to other Social Media

Optimize your FB page for search engines (SEO = Search Engine Optimization)

More About Notes: Description




Reaching Out With Your Facebook Page

Creating & Publishing an Event on Facebook

How do I create an event?

Events Privacy

Facebook Insights

Final Thoughts on Facebook:

Chapter Six: Linkedin



How to Use Linkedin to Promote Your Toastmasters Club

Final Thoughts on Linkedin:

Chapter Seven: Twitter



How to Create a Twitter Account for Your Toastmaster’s Club

To create an account on the web:

Tips for picking a username:

Setting Up Your Twitter Profile

Creating Your Twitter Profile Header:

Twitter Profile Picture:

Step by Step Use of Twitter:

Part One: Tweet and Gather Followers

Part Two: Find and Organize People You Follow

Part Three: Set Up Your Profile

Part Four: Using the Other Features

How to Use Twitter Effectively

Final Thoughts on Twitter:

Chapter Eight: Google Plus (aka Google +, G+)

Google Plus Features and Functions:

User profile





Final Thoughts on Google Plus:

Chapter Nine: YouTube

Utilizing Video in your Toastmasters Club:

Creating a YouTube Channel for Your Toastmaster’s Club:

Optimizing Your Videos for Search Engines:

Final Thoughts on YouTube:

Chapter Ten: Instagram



Chapter Eleven: Meetup

Chapter Twelve: Blab

Final Thoughts on Blab:

Chapter Thirteen: MailChimp

Building your list:

Sending beautiful campaigns:


Chapter Fourteen: Blogs

Chapter Fifteen: Letters to the Editor

Chapter Sixteen: On-line Event Calendars

Chapter Seventeen: SlideShare

Chapter Eighteen: Webinars

Chapter Nineteen: Pinterest

Final Words on Pinterest:

Chapter Twenty: Hootsuite

Chapter Twenty One: Reddit

Chapter Twenty Two: Sources of Images

Chapter Twenty Three: Paid Advertising?

Appendix: Examples of Blogs Written With Toastmasters Promotion In Mind

Top 10 Powertips for Presenting with Passion

And the Winner is … The Art of Presenting Awards: Practical Tips & Techniques

Let Me Introduce … The Art of Introducing a Speaker: Practical Tips & Techniques

How Big is Your Sandbox?


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